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Category: Back Pain Relief

Whiplash Injury Questionaire

January 10, 2018
Back Pain Relief, Whiplash

WHIPLASH INJURY QUESTIONERRE: If you have been injured in a car crash-What are the key questions that every good doctor should ask you! Below is a sample of our normal questions for each injured area, along with possible sample answers. Q: What is your chief complaint? A: Neck pain. Q: Where does it hurt? A: […]

2018 The New Year, New Lifestyle, Pain Free

January 3, 2018
Back Pain Relief, Whiplash

We believe every person deserves to feel good. Our goal is to help each patient eliminate, control or manage their acute or chronic pain problems, so that they might regain their normal lives. We understand pain is a common experience for many people and can debilitate a person to the point of not being able […]

Kansas City Spine Specialist 

December 26, 2017
Back Pain Relief, Whiplash

Kansas City Spine Specialist Kansas City’s leading Non-Surgical Disc and Spine Center – offering advanced spinal treatment and rehabilitation- Tomlinson Chiropractic and Acupuncture is your trusted choice for natural pain relief Our non- surgical Disc and Spine Center specializes in chronic and painful conditions. Located in Kansas City’s Northland at the entrance of Zona Rosa […]

Back Pain is a multibillion dollar national problem

December 18, 2017
Back Pain Relief

Back Pain is a multibillion dollar national problem. It is the leading workers’ compensation injury, it’s the leading reason for disability in people under the age of 45, it will strike up to 85 % of all American adults it’s the second-leading surgical procedure, and it’s only getting worse. Up to 85% of the US […]

Tired of missing out on having your normal life because of neck and back pain issues?

November 11, 2017
Back Pain Relief, Whiplash

Kansas City Dr. reveals the highly effective treatment protocol that has been helping patients overcome whiplash injury and neck and back pain without expensive medications or surgeries! One of the most frustrating things in the world is not being able to participate in life’s most enjoyable activities because your body isn’t cooperating and the unfortunate […]

Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries – MTBI

November 5, 2017
Back Pain Relief, MBTI

Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries caused by motor vehicle collisions are more common than you might think. When a vehicle is involved in a crash their is usually damage to the vehicle- and the force that is involved in the collision is frequently transferred to the occupants ( driver and passengers) in the vehicle. This force […]