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Whiplash and You

There are 2.6 million disabling injuries annually. 23% of crashes involve a series of 2 impacts and while most drivers will stop and exchange insurance information around 15% involve hit and run drivers.

Whiplash injuries need to be evaluated by a licensed and qualified physician.

A physician trained in whiplash injuries will know that it is important to ask the patient:

  • The type of crash they were involved in (rear end, frontal, side impact, and roll over)
  • If there were any secondary impacts (hit from behind by car then pushed into truck in front)
  • Crash severity (did the vehicles have minor or significant damages)
  • Airbag deployment (yes or no)
  • Seatbelt use (yes or no)
  • Where they were seated in the vehicle (driver, front passenger, rear passenger)
  • Did your head or body strike anything inside the vehicle

A physician trained in whiplash injuries will know that it is important to thoroughly document all injuries

A Canadian study that evaluated 6,491 auto injury claims (less than 30 days after the crash) for pain distribution in the body found:

  • 86% of patients had neck pain
  • 72% of patients had head pain
  • 60% of patients had low back pain
  • 95% of patients had posterior trunk region (neck, shoulders, mid-back, low back and buttocks)

Others had headaches, mild head injuries (Mild traumatic brain injury- concussion). Jaw (TMJ) issues, psychological issues (stress, anxiety, and tension) along with difficulty sleeping, fatigue, blurry vision, dizziness, decreased sense of smell, decreased sense of taste.

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