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Kansas City Whiplash and Auto Accidents

Whiplash and Auto Accidents

Auto accidents are an unfortunate reality of everyday driving. According to the National Safety Council, there is a disabling injury that happens every 14 seconds! Time is critical in an auto accident. If you, a friend or a family member have been injured in a car crash, call the Tomlinson Chiropractic and Acupuncture immediately at (816)584-0444.

Regardless of how you may feel, almost every auto accident causes neck or lower back injury. You may not notice the discomfort immediately, but pain or stiffness and reduced motion can develop days or even weeks later. This injury to your ligaments,muscles, discs, nerves and spinal joints can have devastating long term effects if left untreated. The delayed pain that you may feel from an auto accident is a result of whiplash. Whiplash occurs in virtually EVERY auto accident.

The common whiplash symptoms to look for are:

• headaches
• neck pain
• lower back pain
• dizziness or nausea
• arm or shoulder numbness or pain