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Kansas City Acupuncture for Pain Relief


Acupuncture For Pain Relief

Needle Acupuncture

In China, acupuncture is a holistic procedure which includes manipulation, diet, and herbs, as well as different forms of point stimulation. The secret of success in China has been a concern with the underlying causes and location of the energy imbalances in the body, rather than with the concept of primary symptoms. The key to treating these underlying causes has been the balancing of the meridians.The thousands of acupuncture points throughout the body present areas where an individual’s qi can be accessed and adjusted.

The acupuncturist uses the specific character of each point, and precise pathway of each meridian to decide where a needle needs to be inserted in order to restore the proper flow of qi in the body. When this is achieved, an immediate increase in wellness is often experienced, with subsequent treatments building and adding upon each other.

Non-Needle Acupuncture

An exciting revolution is currently taking place in our ability to use electricity to speed recovery from injuries and relieve pain. The latest such development is known as electronic micro-stimulation. Micro-stimulation is a much more subtle energy treatment than traditional electrotherapy, and is more often than not below the patient’s threshold of sensation.

The effectiveness of this minimal intensity electrical stimulation is quite remarkable, and represents a quantum leap forward over previously available forms of electrical stimulation.