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Whiplash Rehabilitation Exercises

There nothing worse than the debilitating feeling of not being able to do the activities you and your family want to do because of your whiplash injury-neck and back pain. This is why we developed a comprehensive non-surgical and non-drug program that attempts to address both the symptoms and the cause of your back and neck pain. Our goal is to help you lose the pain and regain your life. We want to help you get well and stay well. Whiplash injuries can injure your ligaments, muscles, tendons, discs and joints.The result is a spinal imbalance with a loss of motion in some spinal segments and excessive motion in others. This imbalance leads to improper movement pattern, pain and loss of mobility.

With experience treating thousands of acute neck and  back and neck pain patients we have found in that the only sure path to lasting pain relief and recovery is to address and improve or even better when it is possible provide correction of the underlying problem which resulted in joint malfunction or nerve irritation in the first place.

At Tomlinson Clinic’s Back and Neck Pain Center we have put together whiplash physio therapy and rehab exercise protocols to limber and stretch the injured muscles.  Later, with stabilization and strengthening of the injured area,  we restore muscle balance and try to prevent re-injury for the long term effective relief our patients seek. The treatment and correction of these underlying causes are what makes our pain relief treatments different and effective in a lasting way.

Because we are unique in that we combine the best of ancient wisdom and modern science to help you get well and stay well without dangerous drugs or risky surgeries, we are the trusted choice for natural pain relief in Kansas City.

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