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Doc, Why am I in pain? I didn’t do anything to cause it…

Pinched nerve or subluxation is a term used by chiropractors to describe the misalignment of the spine that results when there is pressure or irritation on the nerve. Subluxations of the spinal column are the most common type. Because of the structure of the spinal column even the slightest misalignment can produce pressure and irritation on the nerves. This affects the communication of the nerve impulses from the brain to the organs, cells and tissues of the body.

The greater the misalignment, the greater the possibility that it will affect the nerves to a greater degree. The more severe the subluxation, the more discomfort and pain that an individual can experience. The subluxation which affects the conduction of nerve impulses can often lead to disabling illnesses as well.

There are 31 pairs of nerve roots that come from the spinal column through openings between the vertebra. Each nerve extends and ultimately controls, a specific area of the body. Even minor subluxation can occur from ordinary everyday stress and strain of normal living. In individuals who already have some degree of degeneration in the spinal column, even the simple act of twisting and turning can result in a pinched nerve. When these pinched nerves are left unattended they can become chronic and result in severe painful condition. It does not require a fall or significant injury to cause a subluxation.

When the nerve is compressed it can cause symptoms of numbness, tingling, burning and an achy soreness along the nerve path. Many people choose to turn to chiropractic medicine in order to help their spines realign and relieve the pressure on the nerve. Chiropractic medicine is based on the belief that the body is self-regulating and self-healing organism. The brain, spinal cord and all the nerves of the body control these important functions.

Chiropractic medicine is believed to work by restoring the body’s to an ability to be healthy. When the spinal nerves are not compressed, and the body is under proper control, all of the cells, tissues and organs are designed to resist disease and stay healthy. Although chiropractic medicine is well designed to achieve success for individuals who suffer from compressed nerves, orthopedic pain and relief from physical injury, the ultimate goal of chiropractic medicine is preventative medicine. This prevention is achieved by aligning the body and allowing the nervous system to provide the appropriate control as well as encouraging patients to use proper nutrition to feed the cells of the body.

Without treatment, pinched nerve pain can last for months and even years. Although a chiropractic adjustment is designed to relieve nerve pain quickly, patients do have options for helping recovery time from home that will help to relieve the pain as their body begins to realign. These options include over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen. Patients should consider hot packs or cold packs to the site of the pinched nerve and can choose a particular temperature that seems to give them the most relief.

Individuals should limit the amount of weight they carry including small children and groceries. Avoid all sports that require sudden movements or body contact such as football or basketball. A diet that is rich in fiber to prevent constipation will also decrease the stress felt on the body when trying to have a bowel movement. Individuals can also try various relaxation techniques such as breathing deeply or meditation to help calm the mind and body.

Individuals should also pay attention to the type of mattress on which they sleep and the chair in which they sit all day. Mattresses or chairs can increase pain and discomfort by placing body parts in positions which increases muscle spasms and pain. Discuss the correct ergonomic positioning for your particular individual needs with your chiropractor to decrease your pain and discomfort as your body begins to heal.

It’s not too late for effective and safe natural non surgical treatments to relieve the pain and help you get your life back.

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