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Healthy Diet and Medication for Depression

Depression is a condition that affects thousands of people each year. For some it is a short term problem that is triggered by a situation such as the loss of a loved one or the trauma of moving away from family. But for others, they are plagued with depression for most of their lives.

In some cases physicians and psychiatrists can pinpoint the causative factors but for many it is life long affliction for which they have no real definitive cause. Individuals often need medication to control the biochemical and hormonal changes in their bodies that influence their depression.

Some of those medications include the family of Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI) which include Prozac, Effexor and Paxil. There are other classes of medications that are also used to treat depression but the SSRI’s are by far the most popular.

This classification of medication are called antidepressants. The SSRIs are most popular because they have a very low side-effect profile (cause the fewest side effects in the classes of drugs that treat depression), they are cost effective and are easily accessible.

Once an individual has received proper diagnosis and medical treatment for depression they must also address other issues that affect their emotional health and well-being. Most psychiatrists will recommend behavioral therapy or ‘talk’ therapy to help the individual work through some of the social ramifications that goes along with a diagnosis of depression.

It isn’t the diagnosis that presents the difficulty for the individuals but rather the behaviors that accompany the depression that causes the problems. Using behavioral therapy psychologists are able to increase the success rate of individuals being treated medically for depression.

Another, often over looked, therapy for depression is a solid healthy diet. In today’s society where most people are exposed to toxins in the air, water and foods that we eat some people develop multiple chemical sensitivities. These chemical sensitivities can exhibit symptoms as asthma, illness or emotional health problems.

By improving their diet an individual can improve their overall health and mental and emotional health. People who are depressed and taking any medication should stay away from as many processed foods as possible. Avoid foods that contain dyes and additives, including extra salt.

Although it may be difficult at first, most people will find that their health and overall outlook will improve when they include more fresh and raw foods such as fruits, vegetables and raw nuts and seeds. Eliminating soda, alcohol and tobacco will also improve the bodies ability to cope with stress and hormonal changes.

A healthy diet and medication for depression will go a long way toward helping individuals who suffer from this condition to lead healthy and productive lives.

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