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Learn About Whiplash

The importance of seeing a physician trained in treating whiplash injuries cannot be overstated. The best chance at a optimal recovery involves getting the proper diagnosis and the proper treatment for your specific injuries. After getting a thorough workup and an accurate diagnosis, then a specific treatment plan is designed to fit your specific injuries. Treatment may include: Ice applications, acupuncture, laser therapy, gentle passive movement, gentle stretching, heat packs, gentle chiropractic treatments, gentle active movement, electrical muscle stimulation (TENS), ultrasound therapy, physical therapy, stabilization and strengthening rehab exercises. Some patients are co-treated with their medical doctor who may prescribe muscle relaxers, non steroidal anti-inflammatory, and in some cases injections to decrease pain levels.

In a motor vehicle accident whiplash injury of the head and neck is caused by a sudden and exaggerated thrust of the head and neck backward, forward, and even sometimes sideways. Violent abnormal forces are applied to muscles, ligaments, nerves, bones, intervertebral discs, and even the brain as your weighty head and neck moves beyond its normal physiological limits. Frequently there may be no visible bruises or abrasions from this type of injury yet victims report classic symptoms. The symptoms are due to injuries of vertebrae, ligaments and muscles of the neck.

Whiplash symptoms include: neck pain, headaches, radicular pain /paresthesia into arms, back pain, radicular pain/paresthesia into legs, along with post concussion syndrome symptoms such as ; eyes sensitive to light, dizziness, stress, anxiety, etc .Symptoms may appear immediately after the crash or have a delayed onset.

The goals of care in treating whiplash injuries are pain relief, address the underlying cause and help you get well and stay well. We frequently will work together with medical doctors and physical therapists to help you achieve the best possible outcomes in your whiplash injury recovery process. Our overriding goal is to help you lose the pain and regain your life.

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