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Treating Whiplash in Kansas City

Most whiplash injuries are the result of a collision that causes sudden acceleration and then deceleration to the spine. The neck forcibly bends forward and then backward causing sprain/strain injuries to the ligaments, muscles , discs, vertebrae , joints and nerves of the spine.

Specific whiplash treatments are determined by your doctor –based upon your medical history, physical exam, extent of your injuries, your age, your overall health and your tolerance for therapies and procedures.

Treatment may include: Ice applications, acupuncture, laser therapy, gentle passive movement, gentle stretching, heat packs, gentle chiropractic treatments, gentle active movement, electrical muscle stimulation (TENS), ultrasound therapy, physical therapy, limbering and stretching exercises, stabilization and strengthening rehab exercises. Some patients are co-treated with their medical doctor or a pain management doctor who may prescribe muscle relaxers, non steroidal anti-inflammatory, and in some cases injections to decrease pain levels. Some patients are co-treated with a physical therapist to help regain full pre-accident function.

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