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How to Have Long Term Back Pain & Neck Pain Relief, Naturally

Natural Long Term Back Pain & Neck Pain Relief

With experience treating thousands of acute back and neck pain patients we have found in that the only sure path to lasting pain relief and recovery is to address and improve or even better  when possible provide correction of the underlying problem which resulted in joint malfunction or nerve irritation. Pain can come on quickly, but it often follows months or years of improper joint motion and muscle imbalance. The result is a spinal imbalance with a loss of motion in some spinal segments and excessive motion in others. This imbalance leads to improper movement pattern, pain and loss of mobility.

At Tomlinson Chiropractic Clinic’s Back and Neck Pain Center we begin by treating the acute symptoms with an accurate diagnosis and aggressive pain relief regimen using gentle, non invasive therapies. Then after their pain has decreased we treat patients with physio therapy and rehab exercise protocols, to restore muscle balance and prevent re-injury for the long term effective relief they seek. The treatment and correction of these underlying causes are what makes our pain relief treatments different and effective in a lasting way. Because we are unique in that we combine the best of ancient wisdom and modern science to help you get well and stay well without dangerous drugs or risky surgeries, we are the trusted choice for natural pain relief in Kansas City.

Don’t get me wrong surgery can be a valuable tool under the right circumstances, and it is an unfortunate reality that some patients who come to see us will still require surgery. But those patients have the peace of mind of knowing that they tried the very best alternative available in Kansas City. Fortunately the majority of the time though our non-surgical methods bring quick, effective results, saving patients from the pain, slow recovery process, expense, and increased risk of re-injury and complications that frequently comes with spinal surgery.

How patients get better without surgery

Our method of treatment, which very often prevents surgery even for those patients who thought surgery was the only option, relies on three steps

1.) Provide quick pain relief

2.) Correct the underlying cause and

3.) Rehab exercises (stabilization and strengthening) to help keep the problem from coming back. We are a clinic that combines the best of ancient wisdom and modern science to help you get well and stay well.

Due to our reputation for outstanding results, we receive patient referrals from MD’s, DO’s and DC’s as well as many attorneys. We work with other professional with one main goal your recovery from injury in mind.

The easy and open lines of communication between our back and neck pain relief clinic and your medical doctors, MRI imaging centers, chiropractors and physical therapists is another of the things that makes our treatment program of back and neck pain unique in the entire region.

To get a precise diagnosis we do 4 key things


  1. Consultation and case history – We talk with the patient for a complete understanding of what they are experiencing (and how)


  1. Physical examination and see how the patient moves, including orthopedic and neurologic exam and range of motion for the back and neck


  1. Test the affected joint and nerve’s functionThe goal is to determine whether the function of the joint or the spinal nerve itself is compromised.


  1. Image the anatomy around the joint and the nerve. X-rays allow us to see the spinal vertebrae and how they align. MRI imaging is the only way to see soft tissues like discs, which are not visible on x-ray.


Now armed with a precise diagnosis in hand, effective treatment can begin.


Treatment goal #1: Pain relief

We combine the best of ancient wisdom and the latest technology advances to get you “out of pain,” quickly and safely. We have found that by controlling pain and inflammation it is possible to make quick recovery possible.


 Treatment goal #2: Correct the underlying cause

Unlike many chiropractors or physical therapists our goal is to keep you pain-free for the long term, not just the week or two until your next appointment. We have developed the expertise to achieve that by our focus on the realignment of your spinal vertebra, decreasing bulging or herniated discs and relaxing and rebalancing tight muscles and restricted movement patterns.


Treatment goal #3: Prevent re-injury

But what makes our clinic truly unique is our integration of cutting-edge physical therapy (condition specific stabilization and strengthening exercises)   to correct the underlying source of pain for the long haul.

We teach the patient how to get stronger, and how to maintain their spine so that it doesn’t become vulnerable again. It’s more than just stretches and exercises – we teach how to incorporate strength, flexibility and balance into everyday life. The back is resilient, and given postural support it can often self-correct.

We know that the key to keeping nerves around the spine healthy is the flexibility, strength and balance of the muscles that position the spine. This includes not just the muscles along the spinal column, but also abdominal muscles and the muscles around the pelvis, hips and legs.

It’s not too late for effective and safe natural non surgical treatments to relieve the pain and help you get your life back.

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