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Tomlinson Chiropractic Whiplash Injury Center

People that are injured in a car crash frequently suffer whiplash injuries, it is important to check for hidden injuries and to document the extent of damage to your bodies, muscles, tendons, ligaments, discs, nerves and spinal joints so as to be able to access the injury and design a specific treatment program to help you recover your health and ability to function normally again.

Whiplash injuries occur as a result of:
-Differential motion
-Linear acceleration, angular acceleration, or shearing forces
-By direct contact with objects in the vehicle (seat belt, airbags, etc.)
-Extent of forces beyond human tolerance

Most whiplash injuries are the result of a collision that causes sudden acceleration and then deceleration to the spine. The neck and back forcibly bends forward and then backward causing sprain/strain injuries to the ligaments, muscles discs, vertebrae and nerves of the spine, these sudden, violent movements create sprain, strain injuries to the spines of the occupants of the vehicle.

The importance of seeing a physician trained in treating whiplash injuries cannot be overstated. The best chance at a optimal recovery involves getting the proper diagnosis and the proper treatment for your specific injuries. We first do a thorough case history, use x-rays or MRI as needed to see the vertebrae or soft tissue, then a problem focused physical exam that includes orthopedic and neurological testing, along with range of motion testing.

After getting a thorough workup and an accurate diagnosis, then a specific treatment plan is designed to fit your specific injuries. The goals of care are pain relief, address the underlying cause and help you get well and stay well. We frequently will work together with medical doctors and physical therapists to help you achieve the best possible outcomes. Our overriding goal is to help you lose the pain and regain your life.

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