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Weight Loss Tips

When it comes to dieting you will find all kinds of crazy and faddish diets on the market today. In addition to the many diets there seems to be every kind of diet aid you can imagine. From shakes the diet industry has evolved to include everything from candy bars and pudding to pills and patches. Each item makes the claim that it can help you drop those unwanted pounds quickly and easily. The reality is that weight loss requires consistency, effort, and hard work. It is anything but quick and easy.

If you would like a few tips that should make your weight loss goals a little easier to achieve then perhaps the following tips will help you out.

Drink Plenty of Water

There really isn’t enough that can be said about the importance of drinking water in an effort to reach your fitness goals. Water hydrates the body first and foremost but water is also an important way of tricking your body into believing it is full. Other drinks do not work nearly as well as water in this endeavor and many drinks, even fruit juices, contain empty calories that you can ill afford when dieting.

Another great thing about drinking a lot of water while dieting is that it helps your skin retain its elasticity so you can avoid some of the ‘loose skin’ look that often accompanies massive weight loss. As an added bonus drinking plenty of water will have your skin looking radiant and beautiful as well.

Set Goals

Having goals is one of the most important things you can do when working to lose weight. Try to make sure that your goals are achievable. If you are frustrated early in the dieting process by unrealistic goals you are much more likely to give up. However, challenges are always going to inspire us to achieve greater things in life. If you can find a ‘weight loss partner’ in order to have a little friendly competition for the weight loss totals for a week or a month then you are going to be far more likely to accomplish your goals than if you keep them quietly to yourself.

Eat More

Did you read that twice? Yes, eat more healthy foods that are high in fiber. Eat more vegetables and fruits-fill up on these foods that are good for you and you will not be inclined to binge on calorie laden junk food. Eating more nutrient-rich foods throughout the day can help control cravings and prevent overeating. We have all had a day where we didn’t eat for whatever reason, and then ended up at Mcdonald’s, eating double the amount we would normally eat because we are starving from not eating for a long period of time. It can be beneficial to “meal prep” or just make extra of what you’re cooking for dinner, so you can have easily accessible, healthy meals during the week. It makes it much easier to eat healthy if you can just grab your prepped meal from the refrigerator, put it in your lunch box, and go to work.


While this seems a little too simply stated for most, getting up and moving is one of, if not the absolute best way to burn calories. The simple truth is that you are not going to lose weight unless you use more calories than you consume. The more activities you enjoy that burn calories, the more likely you are to shed those unwanted pounds and meet your weight loss goals.

Some great activities that actually burn calories include the following: gardening, golf, dancing, playing volleyball, walking, jumping rope, playing hopscotch with your little ones, and playing tennis.. Even cleaning house requires movement and energy and if you dance around a little to some good music in the process you might burn a few extra calories. Simple changes can really add up over time. Park further away at the grocery store, take the stairs instead of the elevator, go for a short walk during your lunch break, or simply walk the dog every evening. Making simple changes to increase your physical activity during the day is not only beneficial to your weight loss, but it’s also beneficial to your health. If you can’t get to the gym or workout from home more than just a couple of days a week, adding some physical activity during the week can really improve your health.  


Creating new, positive habits with your health in mind can help restore self image and self-esteem in people who are otherwise beautiful people inside and out. The steps above are not the only things that are involved in the dieting process but they can help you reach your weight loss goals particularly when combined with a diet plan that you feel confident you can follow. Be sure that on those days when will power is non-existent that you do not derail your diet efforts all together by giving up. The most important thing you can do when dieting is to go back to dieting once you’ve strayed.


Weight loss is much more sustainable when your new, healthier habits become your lifestyle. If you struggle with working out due to low energy levels, or pain, come in for an adjustment. When your spine is aligned and the nervous system is working correctly, you will feel better overall, and having less pain to contribute to lack of exercise will make getting physical activity in easier. If you are struggling to lose weight or just aren’t sure how to eat healthier, we can provide nutritional and lifestyle counseling to help you meet and maintain your goals.


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