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Auto Accident Chiropractic Kansas City

The importance of seeing a chiropractor trained in treating auto accident injury after an auto accident cannot be overstated. The best chance at an optimal recovery involves getting the proper diagnosis and the proper treatment for any specific injuries. After a thorough workup and an accurate diagnosis, a specific treatment plan is designed to fit specific injuries. Let’s walk through the process for chiropractic treatment of an auto accident injury.

1. Diagnosis – The most important step your chiropractor will take is the proper diagnosis of your potential auto accident injury. This will be done through interactive questioning, where you will be asked to explain your symptoms and their duration. Based on some of the answers you give, you may be asked to demonstrate your range of motion in the affected area. X-Rays may be taken of the affected area and you may be asked about your medical history preceding the auto accident.

2. Chiropractic Treatment – After a thorough diagnostic session, your chiropractor should have a clear understanding of the extent of your auto accident injury and the potential health factors that may be affecting it. It is now time to develop a treatment plan which your chiropractor will discuss with you. Your treatment plan may include a variety of therapies including (but not limited to): acupuncture therapy, laser therapy, and possibly gentle chiropractic treatments. All treatment options are tailored to the specific needs your chiropractor has determined based on the severity of your auto accident injury.

3. Participatory/Home Treatment – In addition to the “in-office” therapies you will received from your auto accident chiropractor, you may be asked to do some therapies at home. These therapies may include: ice application, gentle stretching, heat pack application and gentle active movement. Successfully completing these participatory therapies are of equal importance to your chiropractic therapies as they promote full healing and restoration of your natural range of motion.

4. Cooperative Therapy – In some cases you may need the services of a medical doctor or physical therapist for the most rapid relief from the pain of your auto accident injury. If so, your auto accident chiropractor will work cooperatively with your medical doctor and physical therapist to create a holistic therapy plan designed to get you pain free and enjoying life as quickly as possible.

The goals of care in treating auto accident injuries are pain relief, addressing the underlying causes and helping you get well and stay well. Your auto accident chiropractor will frequently work together with medical doctors and physical therapists to help you achieve the best possible outcomes in your recovery process. Our overriding goal is to help you lose the pain and regain your life.

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